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Inspiration has found me... or have I found it?

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Mar. 25th, 2007 | 11:36 pm

Super Robot Wars W has rekindled the smoldering ashes of my artistic mind, and recently I have begun trying to get back into the groove by doing some fanart.

Also, after reading some of the translated plot, it just boggles my mind how good these guys are at combining so many series together, into one coherant plot. It's simply amazing. And considering the game consists mostly of series I like... or now want to watch... it's a total mark in the win colum for me. Plus, the GaoGaiGar sprites and attacks look a lot better than the sprites from SRW Aplha 3rd... a PS2 game.

That and the original is also pretty bad ass. Well ok, not the FINAL version of it, but the first upgrade, Valguard, is just SO badass. Already at 2L for size... meaning Valcazard, the addition to it... has to be the biggest mecha of ALL TIME.

Super Robot Wars W is awesome. That's all I have to say about that. ( Any game with GaoGaiGar, merges Tekkaman Blade 1 and 2 into one awesome plot, KEEPS Gai Daigoji for Prince of Darkness, AND has Bonta-kun... HAS to be a good game. Nay, a GREAT game. I can see why they have been so popular in Japan... if I could read the story, I would love them even more.

On a side note, any artwork I do will be posted on my Deviant Art account... mainly because I don't update this much... nor do people really watch it. At least I have quite a few people watching my DA account. But I will post one of the more recent pics I have done here, as a bit of a "teaser". Only have so much space on here and all that.

Here's "GoGaiGar"

The four "limbs" of GoLion/Voltron merge with a different core robot. This time, the mechanical lion Galeon, who is fused with Cyborg Guy who are from GaoGaiGar. The "other half" is up at my DA account.


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