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Sickness gone... strength returning... slowly

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Feb. 14th, 2007 | 10:16 pm

Holy crap, it feels good to not be sick.

Kind of a redundant thing to say I know, but it's true.

For the last month, I'd had a back-to-back mixture of minor flu/colds that  completely drained me of any creative energy that I once had. It's seemed like forever to me, but it's finally gone.

And it seems, it was a good thing, because I am back to drawing again. But I contribute it to a number of factors.

1. Anime and Video games are begining to suck. Seriously, there is so much crap out there right now, I am watching and playing less and less of both. It's been giving me a lot more free time to do more thinking, and planning.

2. Super Robot Anime. Holy fuck. If you want to bring some excitement back into your life, watch nothing but. I've been rewatching a bunch of older series I own, and am reminded were I need to be.

3. I'm almost 26 ( In April), and haven't done JACK ALL. Getting old starts to put things into perspective, that's for sure. And unfortunately, collecting the figures I do, isn't much of a career.

My current plan, at least, is to try and get my skills back to where they once were, if not surpass my old self from a few years ago. It's going to be a slow process until I can begin to start sketching regularily like I used to ( one small thing a night like I am doing now, is not suffienct). I need to turn this lazy sitting around crap, back into the drawing time that I once did.

I find myself constantly looking back, and thinking " If only I would have kept up with it..." and really, sometimes it works in my favor... and sometimes not. I just gotta put the past behind me, and start working towards the future.

Unless of course someone invents a time machine that I could use...

On a side note, Super Robot fans... Nay, EVERYBODY needs to check out Atomic King Daidogan. It is the greatest non Japanese Super Robot manga of all time. The amount of pure awesomeness in it, cannot be measured.

No pic this time... but I promise something worthy next time!

... and not such a long wait for a new entry!

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